Micro Market

As varied as our vending machine product offering is, sometimes your employees and customers want more options than even the most innovative vending machine can provide.

Quick Snacks deliver the perfect solution. You can now offer you a totally customizable retail space giving your employees their own convenience store in your place of business.

Quick Snacks utilize a revolutionary self-checkout kiosk that is designed specifically for use in business and industry convenience stores providing a comprehensive solution that truly can power and secure an unmanned store. Simply pick out the items that you would like to purchase and pay for them at the self-checkout kiosk our micro-markets provide the same speed and convenience you would expect from a vending machine.

Our micro-markets offer an expanded product selection with fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, sandwiches, and other healthful and filling meal options, in addition to all your favorite vending machine snacks.

Whether you are looking to expand your vending selection, considering a more economical option to your current solution or exploring on-site foodservice for the first time QuickSnacks can help advise on your best options.



  • Convenient payment methods, including cashless vending options such as debit, credit as well as cash payment options
  • Touchscreen technologies
  • User accounts, with easy set-up and cash-loading capabilities
  • Camera monitoring, with tiered levels of recording and monitoring based on security needs
  • Secure transactions
  • Flexible design, layout, and branding options


  • Keeps employees on site for meals potentially reducing lateness and the need for unnecessary auto travel
  • Market can carry a near limitless selection of food and beverage options, not just what will fit in a machine
  • No loss of money and less service calls
  • No empty machines or “hung” products
  • You can touch and feel the product before buying
  • You can pay with your personal credit card
  • Company messaging feature

Micro Markets are a turn-key, trouble-free, dramatically improved foodservice product and shopping environment